How Many Michelin Star Restaurants Are in Madrid?

When it comes to tasting the finest cuisines in the world, Madrid is one of the top destinations. With over 100 Michelin-star restaurants in the city, Madrid boasts a wide variety of culinary experiences that are sure to tantalize and excite any food lover. From traditional Spanish dishes to modern fusion creations, Madrid has something for everyone’s palate.

The highest concentration of Michelin-star restaurants can be found in the north of Madrid, near Salamanca and Retiro parks. Here you will find some of Madrid’s most acclaimed restaurants such as Diverxo, Santceloni and Kabuki Wellington. These restaurants have been awarded three stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide – a distinction reserved for only the very best culinary experiences.

The area around Calle de Serrano is also home to several Michelin-starred eateries including Somni, La Terraza del Casino and La Terraza del Urban. This area is also great for fine dining on a budget with many two-star restaurants offering delicious yet affordable meals such as El Club Allard and Café de Oriente.

If you’re looking for something more casual yet still Michelin approved, then head to Chueca or Malasaña where you’ll find one-star establishments such as StreetXO and La Tasquería de Ángel Palazón which serve up delicious tapas and snacks. There are also some excellent seafood restaurants in this area including La Maruca which has been awarded one star by Michelin.


In total there are over 100 Michelin star restaurants in Madrid offering an incredible range of culinary experiences from traditional Spanish dishes to modern fusion creations. Whether you’re looking for fine dining on a budget or an exquisite three-star experience, you’ll be sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds in this vibrant city.