How Many Michelin Star Restaurants Are There in Paris?

Paris has long been known for its exquisite cuisine, and the city’s restaurants have earned their fair share of accolades from both critics and diners alike. But perhaps the greatest recognition of a restaurant’s culinary excellence comes from being awarded one or more Michelin stars.

Michelin stars are awarded by the Michelin Guide, which has been rating restaurants since 1900. The Guide is published in 24 countries, including France, and each year, the panel of anonymous inspectors evaluates all the restaurants they visit and assign one, two or three stars to those that meet their strict criteria.

In Paris alone there are currently 140 restaurants that have earned at least one Michelin star. Of these, 37 have two stars and 8 have a full three-star rating, which is the highest possible rating given by the Michelin Guide. The most star-studded restaurant in Paris is Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée with its coveted three-star rating.

The list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris is constantly changing as new restaurants open and existing ones close their doors. However, what remains constant is that any Parisian restaurant with a starred rating is sure to be an unforgettable dining experience for foodies from all around the world.


In total there are 145 Michelin star restaurants in Paris – 37 with two stars and 8 with three stars. These establishments offer some of the best dining experiences in France and beyond, so it’s no wonder why so many food lovers make a pilgrimage to Paris each year just to sample these delectable delights!