How Many Pubs in the UK Have a Michelin Star?

The United Kingdom has been home to some of the most renowned and iconic Michelin-starred pubs in the world. The Michelin Guide, which awards restaurants with its coveted stars, has been awarding the UK’s pubs since 2015. With each year, more and more pubs are being recognized and awarded with the prestigious accolade.

The number of Michelin-starred pubs in the UK is ever-growing. In 2020, there were a total of 17 Michelin-starred pubs across England, Scotland and Wales – an increase from 13 in 2019. Out of these 17 Michelin-starred pubs, five are located in London alone, three of which are situated within a few miles from each other!

These five establishments offer some of the best gastronomic experiences in London – from classic British pub grub to innovative dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients sourced locally.

Outside of London, there are several other Michelin-starred pubs scattered across England, Scotland and Wales. In Scotland alone there are four such establishments; two located in Edinburgh while one each is situated in Glasgow and Perthshire. Similarly, there are four Michelin-starred pubs across Wales – one each located in Cardiff, Llandudno, Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia National Park.

Despite being a relatively small number compared to other countries such as France or Italy (which both have over 100 establishments), the UK’s Michelin-starred pubs continue to draw accolades from food critics around the world for their unique offerings and exceptional quality cuisine.


It is clear that the United Kingdom is home to some truly amazing Michelin-starred pubs that have made their mark on the gastronomic world. With 17 establishments spread across England, Scotland and Wales – including five within London itself – it is evident that these special places offer an unforgettable experience for diners looking for something truly special.