How Many Restaurants in California Have a Michelin Star?

California is home to a wide variety of restaurants that offer a range of culinary experiences. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, the state has something for everyone. But when it comes to recognizing excellence in cuisine, only a select few California restaurants have earned the coveted Michelin star.

The Michelin Guide is the most prestigious restaurant guide in the world, and it awards stars to restaurants that meet its exacting standards of quality. To earn one star, a restaurant must offer “a very good cooking in its category”. Two stars signify “excellent cooking, worth a detour”, while three stars mean “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

In California, there are currently 19 restaurants with Michelin stars. The majority of these are located in the Bay Area and Los Angeles regions; however, there are some further afield such as Bouchon in Yountville and Manresa in Los Gatos. The highest-rated restaurant is The French Laundry in Yountville with three Michelin stars – making it one of just seven restaurants in the entire United States with this honor.

California’s Michelin-starred restaurants showcase an array of different cuisines from around the world including French, Italian and Japanese. They also offer an impressive selection of dishes from locally-sourced ingredients as well as innovative takes on classic dishes.

From casual bistros to award-winning fine dining establishments, California has something for everyone when it comes to food – and the 19 Michelin-starred restaurants are testament to the state’s culinary prowess. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable gourmet experience or just want to enjoy some delicious food with friends, you won’t be disappointed by what California has to offer.


In conclusion, there are currently 19 restaurants in California with Michelin stars ranging from one star up to three stars at The French Laundry in Yountville – one of only seven such establishments in the United States. These acclaimed restaurants offer diners an array of exceptional cuisines that showcase the best local ingredients and innovative takes on classic dishes – making them truly unique culinary experiences not to be missed!