How Much Does Michelin Star Head Chef Make?

The Michelin star is a coveted recognition in the world of fine dining. It is awarded to restaurants that offer an exceptional level of culinary expertise and innovation. Michelin stars are seen as the pinnacle of achievement in the food industry, and chefs who receive them command higher salaries than their non-starred peers.

The exact salary of a Michelin star head chef depends on several factors, including location, experience, and the type of restaurant they are working in. Generally speaking, however, they can command salaries ranging from £30,000 to over £100,000 per year. A head chef with multiple Michelin stars may even earn up to £200,000 annually.

In addition to base salary, Michelin star chefs can also receive additional benefits such as free meals at their own restaurant or discounts at other establishments. Some restaurants also offer bonuses for achieving certain milestones or awards. These bonuses can add up to thousands of pounds each year for a successful chef.

Michelin star chefs may also be offered additional perks such as free trips abroad or invitations to exclusive events. These perks may come with a hefty price tag for the restaurateur but can offer invaluable exposure for the chef and their restaurant.

The salary and perks associated with being a Michelin star head chef make it an attractive career option for those who have the skill and creativity to achieve this level of culinary excellence. While not every aspiring chef will be able to reach this lofty goal, those that do have a chance to reap considerable rewards both financially and professionally.


Michelin star head chefs can earn impressive salaries ranging from £30,000 – £200,000 per year depending on various factors including location, experience and type of restaurant they work at. In addition to base salary they may receive bonuses and additional perks such as free trips abroad or invitations to exclusive events.