Is Ad Hoc a Michelin Star?

Ad Hoc is a restaurant located in Yountville, California. It is owned by chef Thomas Keller and is part of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.

Ad Hoc has been praised for its classic American cuisine since opening in 2006. The restaurant has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, as well as being awarded a Michelin star in 2012.

Ad Hoc’s menu changes daily, offering seasonal dishes with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets. The menu features classic American comfort food such as fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and burgers.

Ad Hoc also offers an extensive wine list with many options from the Napa Valley region.

The interior of the restaurant is warm and inviting, with dark wood floors, exposed brick walls, and leather booths. The atmosphere is casual yet sophisticated, perfect for a relaxing dinner or special occasion.

The service at Ad Hoc is exceptional; servers are knowledgeable about the dishes and can recommend wines to pair with each course.

Ad Hoc has earned its reputation as one of the best restaurants in California through its commitment to quality food and service. Its menu changes daily to ensure that guests are served fresh dishes made with local ingredients. Additionally, the staff at Ad Hoc provide excellent service that makes each meal a memorable experience.


Yes, Ad Hoc is a Michelin Star restaurant due to its commitment to quality food and service which has earned it great reviews from diners over the years. With an ever-changing menu featuring seasonal dishes made with local ingredients and an extensive wine list from the Napa Valley region – it’s no wonder Ad Hoc is one of California’s top restaurants.