Is Angel Food Cake Healthy?

Angel food cake is a popular dessert choice and can be a lower calorie alternative to other desserts such as butter cakes or pies. It is often made with only egg whites, sugar, and flour, making it naturally low in fat and cholesterol. Most angel food cakes are light and airy in texture, with a mild sweetness that many people enjoy.

However, despite its name, angel food cake is not necessarily healthy. Most recipes call for large amounts of sugar, which can provide empty calories with little nutritional value. The cake also contains some carbohydrates and proteins from the egg whites and flour, but these are unlikely to provide any real health benefits.

In addition to the high sugar content of traditional recipes for angel food cake, some recipes call for additional ingredients such as butter or cream cheese, which can significantly increase the calorie count. While these ingredients may give the cake a richer flavor or texture, they will also add unhealthy fats to the recipe.


Overall, angel food cake can be enjoyed as an occasional treat but is not a particularly healthy option. The high sugar content and potential for additional unhealthy ingredients make it more likely to contribute to weight gain than many other desserts. For those looking for healthier options when it comes to dessert treats, opting for something lower in sugar or higher in protein can be better choices.