Is Bavettes a Michelin Star?

Bavettes is an iconic, low-key eatery in the heart of downtown Chicago, Illinois. It’s been serving high-quality French cuisine since 1967, garnering a loyal following of locals and tourists alike. But despite its long history and popularity, Bavettes has never been awarded a Michelin star.

The Michelin Guide is the most prestigious restaurant rating system in the world. It awards stars to restaurants based on their culinary excellence. A single star indicates a “very good restaurant in its category,” two stars signify “excellent cooking worth a detour,” and three stars represent “exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.”

Many restaurants around the world aspire to receive a Michelin star, but Bavettes is not one of them. The owners have made it clear that they are not interested in seeking out recognition from the guide. They are content to serve delicious food without having to jump through hoops for Michelin inspectors.

The main reason Bavettes doesn’t want a Michelin star is because it would require significant changes to the restaurant’s operation. They would need to hire additional staff, increase prices, and make renovations to meet the guide’s standards. This would fundamentally alter the character of what makes Bavettes so special – its casual atmosphere and affordable prices – so they have chosen not to pursue it.

Despite not having a Michelin star, Bavettes remains one of Chicago’s most beloved restaurants. Its menu features classic French dishes such as steak frites, duck confit, and bouillabaisse that are prepared with skill and creativity by executive chef Michael Lachowicz. The cozy atmosphere also adds to its charm; guests can enjoy their meals while seated at candlelit tables surrounded by vintage wallpaper and mirrors from Parisian antique markets.

In conclusion, Bavettes may never be awarded a Michelin star but it doesn’t need one to stay successful or maintain its loyal fanbase. It has managed to succeed without proving itself worthy according to someone else’s standards – which is an impressive accomplishment in itself!