Is Chinese Food Healthy for Weight Loss?

With the rise of globalisation, Chinese food has become increasingly popular around the world. It is a staple of many cultures and can be found in almost every city.

But with so many options, it can be difficult to decide what dishes are healthy for weight loss.

Chinese cuisine is known for its variety and flavour. From stir-fries to dim sum, there is something for everyone. But it can also be full of unhealthy ingredients such as MSG, oil and sodium. Many dishes are high in calories and fat, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet while enjoying Chinese food.

However, there are still some healthy options that can help you lose weight while still enjoying Chinese cuisine.

For example, opt for steamed or boiled dishes instead of fried ones. These will be lower in fat and calories and still provide plenty of flavour. You should also look for dishes with lots of vegetables and lean proteins such as chicken or fish.

In addition, you should avoid sauces or dressings that are high in sugar or sodium, as these can add unnecessary calories to your meal. Instead, try adding some healthy spices or herbs such as ginger, garlic or chilli to give your meal more flavour without the added sugar.

When eating out at a Chinese restaurant you should also watch out for portion sizes. It is easy to overeat when presented with an array of delicious dishes – so try sharing dishes with others or asking for smaller portions if possible.


Overall, Chinese food can be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation and with some modifications. By opting for steamed or boiled dishes, adding vegetables and lean proteins and avoiding sauces high in sugar or sodium you can enjoy delicious meals while still achieving your weight loss goals.