Is Eddie vs a Michelin Star?

Eddie vs a Michelin Star is an interesting question that is at the heart of the culinary world. The Michelin Guide, established in 1900, has become the world’s premier guide to fine dining restaurants and is one of the most sought-after awards in the restaurant industry. A Michelin star is a mark of excellence for any restaurant that receives it and is seen as a pinnacle achievement for any chef looking to establish their name in the culinary world.

Eddie, on the other hand, is a relatively new but quickly growing concept in food. Founded in 2019 by Chef Edward Lee, Eddie’s aim was to make great food accessible to everyone regardless of budget or location.

By utilizing modern technology such as delivery apps and online ordering systems, Eddie has revolutionized how people access great food.

The two concepts differ significantly in terms of their approach towards food. Whereas a Michelin star focuses solely on great tasting food made with high-quality ingredients and presented with impeccable service, Eddie focuses on providing great tasting food at an affordable price and delivered conveniently to customers’ doors.

Ultimately, both concepts are striving towards similar goals; they both want to provide people with access to great tasting food. However, they differ greatly in their approach towards achieving this goal. A Michelin star requires consistent excellence from all aspects of a restaurant whereas Eddie takes advantage of technology to bring great tasting food conveniently and affordably.


It is clear from this comparison that Eddie vs a Michelin Star are two different approaches towards achieving the same goal; providing people with access to great tasting food. While it may not be possible for one concept to replace or outdo the other completely, it is clear that both approaches can coexist together as they strive towards different goals.