Is Friskies Canned Cat Food Made in China?

Is Friskies Canned Cat Food Made in China?

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the origin of food products that are consumed by households. This is especially true for pet food, as pet owners want to ensure that their furry friends are being provided with the best quality ingredients. As such, it is not uncommon for people to wonder if a particular brand of pet food is made in China or not.

When it comes to Friskies Canned Cat Food, the answer depends on what particular product you are looking at. Friskies is a brand of cat food manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare Company and sold in many countries around the world. The company has factories in several countries, including China, but they also source some ingredients from other countries as well.

For instance, Friskies Canned Cat Food made in the United States usually contains ingredients sourced from suppliers both inside and outside of the US. For example, their Grilled Tuna & Cheese Dinner contains tuna from Thailand and cheese from Wisconsin. In contrast, the same product made in China may contain different ingredients such as tuna from China and cheese from New Zealand.

The fact that some of the ingredients used to make Friskies Canned Cat Food are sourced outside of China does not necessarily mean that it is not made there though. In fact, many products under the Friskies brand are indeed produced in various factories located in China. This includes their popular Tuna & Salmon Dinner product which is made with tuna sourced from Thailand and salmon sourced from Canada.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to determine exactly where a particular product was manufactured unless you specifically look for information about its origin on its packaging or website page. However, since some Friskies Canned Cat Food products are indeed made in China, it’s important for pet owners to do their research before purchasing any type of pet food so they can ensure that their furry friends are getting quality nutrition.


In conclusion, while not all Friskies Canned Cat Food products are made in China, some of them do come from factories located there. As such, pet owners should always be sure to check where a product was manufactured before purchasing it so they can be certain that their cats are getting quality nutrition without any added risks or concerns about safety or ingredient sourcing issues.