Is Hutong a Michelin Star?

Hutong, located in London’s historic Shard building, is a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers an acclaimed modern Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is renowned for its delicate and carefully crafted dishes that showcase the diverse flavors of the Chinese culinary tradition.

The menu is focused on the regional cuisines of China, such as Sichuan and Cantonese, and includes a range of dishes from dim sum to hot pots. Hutong also offers an extensive selection of wines from China as well as international labels.

The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star since 2013, and its high quality has been recognized by critics around the world. The staff at Hutong are known for their excellent service and attention to detail, making each meal an experience to remember. With its stunning views of London from the 33rd floor of The Shard, it’s no wonder that Hutong has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Hutong’s reputation for excellence extends beyond its food and service. The restaurant has also become known for its commitment to sustainability; it works with local suppliers to source fresh ingredients and works with conservationists to ensure that the seafood it serves is sustainably sourced. Hutong also serves tea from some of China’s oldest tea plantations, which are certified organic by international standards.

This commitment to excellence is what sets Hutong apart from other restaurants in London and helps explain why it received a Michelin star in 2013. Its dedication to quality ingredients and sustainable practices have made it one of the most sought-after restaurants in London and established it as one of the leading examples of modern Chinese cuisine in Europe.

In conclusion, Hutong is indeed a Michelin starred restaurant due to its superior quality food, excellent service and commitment to sustainability. It stands out amongst other restaurants in London for its unique take on traditional Chinese cuisine as well as its dedication to using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers and sustainable fisheries.