Is Misi a Michelin Star?

Misi is a contemporary Italian restaurant in New York City. It is owned and operated by acclaimed chef Missy Robbins, who has been praised for her unique take on traditional Italian cuisine.

The menu at Misi features a variety of dishes, from classic pizza and pasta to inventive seafood-focused plates. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of Italian wines and craft cocktails.

Misi has become one of the most celebrated restaurants in the city since its opening in 2018. Its innovative menu and attentive service have earned it a loyal following, as well as the admiration of critics. The restaurant has received numerous accolades over the past few years, including being named one of GQ’s Best New Restaurants in America, Eater NY’s Best New Restaurant and Food & Wine’s Best New Restaurant.

Despite its many accolades, Misi has yet to receive a Michelin star. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants that offer an exceptional dining experience and demonstrate culinary excellence. While Misi certainly meets these criteria, the Michelin guide reviewers have yet to bestow upon it their highest honor.

No matter what accolades it may or may not receive, Misi continues to be one of the most beloved restaurants in NYC. Guests can always count on finding an innovative menu full of delicious food with attentive service in a comfortable atmosphere.


Misi is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed restaurants in New York City, but has yet to receive a Michelin star despite its many accolades. Whether or not it eventually earns this highest honor of culinary excellence remains to be seen; however, diners can always count on finding an excellent meal at Misi no matter what awards it receives.