Is Ol Roy Canned Dog Food Bad for Dogs?

When it comes to dog food, Ol Roy canned dog food has been a popular choice for pet owners. It’s affordable and readily available in many stores. But is Ol Roy canned dog food bad for your dog?

The first thing to consider when determining the quality of Ol Roy canned dog food is the ingredients list on the label. Unfortunately, there are some poor-quality ingredients in this product. The main ingredient is corn, and it’s followed by meat by-products and wheat flour. These are not high-quality ingredients and can be difficult for dogs to digest.

In addition, there are various artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives used in this product.

The second factor to consider is the nutritional value of the food. Ol Roy canned dog food contains a lot of filler ingredients that do not provide any real nutritional value for your pet. Additionally, it is low in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals that your pup needs to stay healthy.


Overall, Ol Roy canned dog food is not a great choice for your beloved pet. Its poor-quality ingredients and lack of nutritional value make it an unhealthy option for your pup. If you’re looking for a high-quality dog food option, you should look elsewhere.