Is Ramen Nagi a Michelin Star?

Ramen Nagi is a popular ramen restaurant chain founded in 2012 by internationally acclaimed Japanese chef and restaurateur, Satoshi Ikuta. With locations in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the United States, Ramen Nagi has developed a reputation for its unique and delicious flavors.

The restaurant specializes in tonkotsu ramen, a type of noodle soup made with pork bone broth that is full of flavor and umami.

Ramen Nagi has become increasingly popular because of its commitment to quality and authenticity. The restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to create its signature dishes.

The quality of the food is further enhanced by the chefs’ expertise in preparing it. Customers can watch their ramen being cooked right before their eyes as they wait for their order.

Ramen Nagi also stands out from other restaurants due to its unique atmosphere. The restaurant has been designed to look like an old-fashioned Japanese tea house, complete with traditional decorations and furnishings. This creates an inviting setting for customers to enjoy their meal.

Due to its high-quality food and unique atmosphere, many have wondered if Ramen Nagi could be awarded a Michelin star – one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a restaurant. Michelin stars are given based on quality of food, service, atmosphere, and other factors such as overall value for money.


Based on Ramen Nagi’s commitment to quality and authenticity as well as its unique atmosphere, it is possible that the restaurant could receive a Michelin star in the future. However, at this time there is no indication that Ramen Nagi has been awarded this honor.