Is Rasika a Michelin Star?

Rasika is an award-winning restaurant in Washington, DC. It has been lauded for its innovative Indian cuisine and warm hospitality.

The restaurant has been recognized with many awards, including the coveted Michelin star.

Rasika offers an array of Indian dishes that are both traditional and inventive. The menu features classic Indian flavors and ingredients including cumin, cardamom, ginger, and saffron.

The chefs also use a variety of cooking techniques to create unique flavor profiles. Rasika’s signature dishes include butter chicken, tikka masala, palak paneer, and seared scallops with tamarind sauce.

The atmosphere at Rasika is warm and inviting. The décor is modern yet inviting, with vibrant colors and comfortable seating. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that guests feel welcome and at ease.

Rasika has long been considered one of the best restaurants in Washington DC. In 2018 it was awarded the prestigious Michelin star for its outstanding cuisine and service. This honor is awarded to only a select few restaurants each year.


Yes, Rasika is a Michelin Star restaurant due to its excellent cuisine and service as well as its inviting atmosphere. It has received numerous awards for its innovative Indian food, which makes it a must-visit destination in Washington DC.