Is Sanjeev Kapoor a Michelin Star Chef?

Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian celebrity chef and restaurateur. Born in Amritsar, India in 1964, he has authored over 150 cookbooks and hosted various TV shows.

He has become an internationally recognized name in the culinary world.

Kapoor’s career began when he was just 19 years old, working as a chef at the Welcome Group of Hotels. He quickly rose through the ranks of the culinary industry, eventually becoming executive chef at several five-star hotels.

Kapoor’s success in India prompted him to become a TV personality, hosting several cooking shows such as Khana Khazana on Zee TV and Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi on Star Plus. He also hosts a popular cooking show on YouTube called Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen.

Kapoor is also a prolific author, having written over 150 cookbooks that span various cuisines and cooking styles. His books have been translated into multiple languages and sold millions of copies around the world.

Is Sanjeev Kapoor a Michelin Star Chef?

No, Sanjeev Kapoor is not a Michelin Star Chef. The Michelin Guide is an annual guidebook published by the French tire company Michelin for more than a century. In it, restaurants are rated out of three stars based on their quality of food and service.

Despite his impressive achievements in the culinary world, Sanjeev Kapoor has yet to be awarded with a Michelin star for any of his restaurants or eateries.


Sanjeev Kapoor is an incredibly successful Indian celebrity chef and restaurateur who has achieved tremendous recognition across India and abroad for his work in the culinary arts. Despite his success, however, he has yet to be awarded with a Michelin star.