Is Scrapple a Healthy Food?

One of the most divisive foods you may come across is scrapple. It has been a staple in the diets of many Americans for centuries, but it’s also been widely criticized for its unhealthy ingredients and lack of nutritional value.

So, is scrapple a healthy food? The answer depends on your perspective.

What is Scrapple?

Scrapple is a mixture of several ingredients that are combined together to form a loaf-like patty. It’s typically made with pork scraps, cornmeal, flour, spices, and seasoning.

In some regions, other ingredients like buckwheat or oats may be included as well. The mixture is then boiled and formed into patties which are then fried in oil or lard.

Nutritional Value

Scrapple is not known for its nutritional value. It contains high levels of fat and cholesterol which can have a negative effect on your health if consumed in large amounts. In addition, most brands of scrapple contain added preservatives and artificial flavors which can have negative health consequences over time.


One thing that can be said about scrapple is that it has an interesting flavor. Many people find it to be quite tasty when cooked up properly. It’s often served with eggs or used as an accompaniment to breakfast dishes like pancakes or waffles.


In conclusion, whether or not scrapple is considered a healthy food depends on your personal preference and dietary goals. While it does not contain much nutritional value and contains unhealthy fats and preservatives, many people enjoy the taste of this unique dish. If you do choose to eat it, make sure to limit how much you consume in order to maintain good health.