Is There a Filipino Chef With Michelin Star?

Is There a Filipino Chef With Michelin Star?

The Michelin Guide is the most prestigious culinary award for restaurants across the world. It has become a symbol of excellence in gastronomy, and chefs dream of one day having their restaurants win the coveted star. But is there a Filipino chef with Michelin star?

The answer to this question is yes! In 2019, Filipino-American chef Tom Cunanan was awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant Bad Saint in Washington D.C., becoming the first ever Filipino chef to be honored with one. He was also nominated for the prestigious James Beard award that same year.

Bad Saint is known for its modern take on traditional Filipino dishes, such as Adobo-Braised Pork Belly and Crispy Pata with Coconut Vinegar Sauce. The restaurant also sources local ingredients whenever possible, creating dishes that are true to the flavors of authentic Filipino cuisine.

The honor of being awarded a Michelin star is not only an incredible achievement for Chef Tom Cunanan, but also for the Filipino community at large. It has brought attention to Filipino cuisine and opened up conversations about its rich history and flavors.

Since Tom Cunanan’s win in 2019, many more chefs from different parts of Asia have received Michelin stars, including Japanese-American chef Brandon Go in 2020 and Chinese-American chef Corey Lee in 2021. This shows that chefs from all backgrounds have a chance of achieving this high level of recognition if they are dedicated to their craft and stay true to their culinary roots.

In conclusion, there is indeed a Filipino chef with Michelin Star – Tom Cunanan – who has set a precedent for other aspiring chefs from diverse backgrounds aiming to achieve the same level of success and recognition. His story shows us that hard work and dedication can lead to great accomplishments in any field, regardless of background or ethnicity.