Is There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Mexico City?

Mexico City is a vibrant city full of fantastic restaurants, including some with international acclaim. Michelin star restaurants, in particular, are highly sought after and are often considered the pinnacle of fine dining.

But, is there any Michelin star restaurants in Mexico City?

The answer is yes! Mexico City was recently included on the list of cities where Michelin releases its famous guide.

The first edition of the Mexico City guide was released in April 2020 and featured a selection of nine restaurants that had been awarded one or more Michelin stars. These include the likes of Pujol, Quintonil and Biko, all well-known names among foodies around the world.

In addition to these three well-known establishments, six other restaurants have also been awarded a Michelin star. These include Nicos, Sud 777, Amaya, Alcalde and Máximo Bistrot Local. All seven restaurants have been praised for their innovative menus and creative use of local ingredients to create unique flavors.

It’s important to note that despite being included on the list of cities with Michelin star restaurants, Mexico City is still relatively new to the culinary world. The first edition of the Mexico City guide was only released this year and only features nine establishments. This is far fewer than many other cities such as Tokyo or Paris which boast dozens of stars.


So yes! There are indeed some Michelin star restaurants in Mexico City.

Although they may be few in number compared to other cities around the world, they are no less impressive and provide diners with unforgettable experiences. With more editions being released over time, it’s likely that the number of stars awarded in Mexico City will increase significantly.