Is Wolfgang a Michelin Star?

Wolfgang Puck is an internationally renowned chef originally from Austria. He has been in the food industry since 1975, and his restaurant empire now spans across the globe. He is known for his innovative approach to cuisine and creative use of ingredients. He has won numerous awards, including four James Beard Foundation Awards, and he was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2013.

Wolfgang Puck has been awarded a total of 13 Michelin stars – 11 for restaurants in California, one for Las Vegas, and one for Singapore. The former two were awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide which gives out stars to restaurants that meet their exacting standards of quality cuisine. His Singapore restaurant was awarded a star within its first year of operation – a major achievement given the reputation of the Michelin Guide.

Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants have also won numerous accolades from other food critics and organizations, such as Zagat’s “Best Restaurants” list and Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” list. His culinary creations can also be found on menus in many hotels, casinos, resorts and spas around the world.


It is clear that Wolfgang Puck is an accomplished chef with a vast global empire spanning continents. He has been awarded thirteen Michelin stars for his outstanding cuisine in California, Las Vegas, and Singapore – making him one of only a few chefs to ever receive so many stars from this prestigious guide.

Is Wolfgang a Michelin Star?

Yes, Wolfgang Puck is a Michelin star chef with thirteen stars to his name.