Is Yauatcha a Michelin Star?

Yauatcha is a dim-sum eatery located in the heart of Soho, London. It is a popular destination for food lovers from around the world.

The restaurant has become synonymous with high quality Chinese cuisine, having earned two prestigious Michelin stars since its opening in 2004. Yauatcha has become one of the most renowned restaurants in London and its success is testament to the hard work and dedication of head chef Alan Yau and his team.

Yauatcha offers an array of exquisite dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional Dim Sum to more contemporary dishes such as Lobster & Ginger Udon Noodles, there’s something for everyone here.

The dim sum selection is particularly noteworthy, offering a wide range of steamed, baked and fried options. All dishes are made with the freshest ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers.

The atmosphere at Yauatcha is also outstanding – the restaurant has a chic yet relaxed vibe that makes it perfect for both special occasions and casual meals with friends. The interior design incorporates elements of traditional Chinese culture with modern aesthetics, creating an inviting space for all guests. The attentive staff are always on hand to ensure that your experience at Yauatcha is nothing short of perfect.

Yauatcha’s commitment to excellence has been recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide. The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars in 2014 after only ten years of operation – an impressive feat for any establishment. This recognition further cements Yauatcha’s place as one of London’s most celebrated restaurants.


Yes, Yauatcha is a Michelin Star restaurant that deserves its reputation as one of London’s best establishments – its excellent cuisine, stylish atmosphere and impeccable service are testament to this fact.