Is ZIWI Peak Canned Food Cooked?

ZIWI Peak is a brand of canned pet food that is gaining popularity among pet owners. The company prides itself on using only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients in its products.

They are also dedicated to providing pets with the most natural, nutritious, and complete diet possible. So, is ZIWI Peak canned food cooked?

The answer is yes! All ZIWI Peak canned recipes are cooked in a slow-cooker-style process using steam.

This ensures that all of the nutrients and vitamins found in each ingredient remain intact while also providing optimal flavor and texture for your pet’s enjoyment. Additionally, all of the recipes contain no artificial preservatives or fillers; only whole-food ingredients are used in every can.

ZIWI Peak takes great care to ensure that their canned products retain all of their nutritional integrity. As part of this effort, they use a gentle cooking process that avoids over-processing and oxidation, which can damage valuable nutrients within food. This means that ZIWI Peak canned foods will provide your pet with optimal nutrition while still maintaining delicious flavor.

In addition to the slow-cooker style cooking process, all of ZIWI Peak’s recipes feature air-dried proteins as their primary ingredient source. This ensures that each recipe contains high levels of proteins such as fresh New Zealand green lipped mussels and fish oil as well as other beneficial nutrients like vitamins A and E.


Yes, ZIWI Peak canned food is cooked using a slow-cooker style process that preserves valuable nutrients while still providing delicious flavor for your pet’s enjoyment. The company also uses air-dried proteins as their primary ingredient source for added nutrition.