What City in France Has the Most Michelin Star Restaurants?

France is a country steeped in culinary delights and the Michelin Guide has been showcasing the best of these for more than 100 years. The Michelin Guide has awarded its coveted stars to top restaurants around the world, and France has some of the most starred restaurants in the world. But which city in France has the most Michelin Star restaurants?

The answer lies in Paris – not only is it the country’s capital, but it also boasts more Michelin Stars than any other city in France. Paris is home to an incredible 81 starred restaurants, with a total of 135 stars across them. This includes three 3 star restaurants; all of these can be found within the city limits.

In comparison, Lyon – which is often referred to as ‘the gastronomic capital of France’ – comes second with 37 starred restaurants and a total of 59 stars. Other cities that come close are Bordeaux (17 starred restaurants), Marseille (13 starred restaurants) and Nice (9 starred restaurants).

But it isn’t just Paris that stands out for its Michelin Star offerings; there are several other cities that have earned accolades from the guide, including Lille (8 starred restaurants), Avignon (7 starred restaurants) and Strasbourg (5 starred restaurants).


When it comes to Michelin Star Restaurants in France, Paris is undisputedly at the top, with 81 starred establishments and a total of 135 stars across them. Other cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille also have impressive numbers of stars; however they simply can’t compete with Paris’ offering.