What Food Is Atlantic City Famous For?

Atlantic City is a popular resort town on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It’s known for its beautiful boardwalk, its beaches, and its casinos.

But it is also well-known for its food. There are many different types of cuisine to be found in Atlantic City, but there are some dishes that have become synonymous with the area.

One of Atlantic City’s most iconic dishes is the Fried Clams. These clams are dredged in a flour mixture and then deep-fried until they are golden and crisp.

They can be eaten as a meal with french fries and coleslaw, or as an appetizer with a dipping sauce. Fried clams were first served on the boardwalk in the 1930s, and they remain a popular treat to this day.

Another famous food from Atlantic City is Salt Water Taffy. This Chewy taffy was invented in Atlantic City in 1883 by David Bradley.

It has become so popular over the years that it can now be found all over the world! The original recipe remains unchanged, and it still contains just five ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, water, salt, and flavoring.

Atlantic City is also known for its delicious seafood dishes like Crab Cakes, Salmon Cakes, Fried Calamari Rings, and Steamed Clams Casino. These dishes make use of local seafood like blue claw crabs and flounder which have been caught off the coast of New Jersey. The seafood here is fresh and flavorful – making these dishes some of the best around.


Atlantic City is famous for its many culinary offerings, but some of its most iconic foods include Fried Clams, Salt Water Taffy, and various seafood dishes made with local ingredients. Whether you’re looking for something quick to eat on the boardwalk or want to enjoy a gourmet seafood dinner at one of the city’s many restaurants – you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite in Atlantic City!