What Food Is Baltimore Maryland Famous For?

Baltimore, Maryland is a major city in the United States and is known for its seafood offerings. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, Baltimore offers a variety of delicious and locally sourced seafood dishes.

Crab Cakes – The most beloved of all Baltimore food specialties is the crab cake. This savory dish consists of lump crab meat, mayonnaise, and seasonings, which are then pan-fried or broiled. The result is a golden-brown patty that’s delectably crunchy on the outside and creamy within.

Old Bay Seasoning – Old Bay Seasoning has become synonymous with Maryland cooking in general and Baltimore in particular. This signature spice blend includes celery salt, black pepper, bay leaf, and paprika for a distinct flavor that can be added to any dish. It’s especially popular when sprinkled over crab cakes or steamed crabs.

Steamed Crabs – Steamed crabs are another quintessential Baltimore dish. Blue crabs are steamed with Old Bay Seasoning or another favorite seasoning blend for an extra flavorful kick. The steam also helps to lock in moisture so that each bite is juicy as well as tasty.

Soft Shell Crabs – Soft shell crabs are one of Baltimore’s specialties that you won’t find everywhere else. During spawning season, blue crabs shed their hard shells in order to grow larger ones; these soft shells can be prepared whole with just some flour and butter for a crunchy yet delicate flavor.


Baltimore is famous for its delicious seafood dishes such as crab cakes, steamed crabs, soft shell crabs, and more! All of these dishes are enhanced by the use of Maryland’s signature seasoning blend: Old Bay Seasoning! Thus it can be said that fresh seafood with Old Bay Seasoning is what makes Baltimore Maryland famous for food!