What Food Is Bora Bora Famous For?

Bora Bora is a small island located in the South Pacific, part of the Society Islands archipelago. It is renowned for its stunningly beautiful scenery, with its bright blue lagoons and verdant hills topped with lush foliage, making it a popular tourist destination.

But Bora Bora is also famed for its unique gastronomy. The cuisine on the island reflects the cultural heritage of its people, which is a mixture of French, Polynesian and Chinese influences. The local dishes are an eclectic mix of all these different cuisines.

The traditional Polynesian cuisine includes dishes like poisson cru (raw fish marinated in lime juice) and taro root which are cooked in coconut milk or wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over hot stones. Fish is also a staple part of the local diet- freshly caught mahi mahi or wahoo are commonly served grilled, baked or steamed.

Fish aside, another popular dish on Bora Bora is ‘mahi mahi’- a whole fish that is marinated in citrus juice then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The traditional ‘poisson cru’ which consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice and vegetables is also widely enjoyed.

Taro root dishes such as ‘mashu’ (a combination of taro root, coconut milk and other ingredients) or ‘vai’ (taro root boiled with coconut milk) are also popular on Bora Bora.

Chinese influenced dishes, such as fried noodles with chicken or pork are also widely available on the island as well as French-inspired desserts like crêpes stuffed with tropical fruit.

Cocktails, particularly those made from fresh fruit juices like pineapple or mango, are an integral part of any dining experience on the island. Local restaurants serve up creative concoctions such as Tahitian Mango Mojitos or Blue Lagoon Margaritas.

Coffee, made from locally grown beans, can be found everywhere – from cafés to street stalls – while freshly squeezed juices made from tropical fruits like guava and passionfruit can be found at many markets.


In conclusion, Bora Bora has a variety of unique culinary offerings that reflect its diverse cultural heritage including traditional Polynesian dishes, Chinese influenced cuisine and French-inspired desserts. Freshly caught fish, taro root dishes and creative cocktails are some of the foods that make this island famous!