What Food Is Chattanooga Tennessee Famous For?

Chattanooga Tennessee is famous for some delicious local foods. From the classic Southern favorites like fried chicken and hush puppies to the unique local treats like MoonPies and Chattanooga-Style Hot Dogs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Southern Comfort Foods. Many of Chattanooga’s dishes are classic Southern comfort foods. Fried chicken is a staple in the city, served in both traditional bone-in and boneless variations.

Hush puppies, a fried cornmeal treat, are often served alongside the chicken. And no Southern meal would be complete without macaroni and cheese or collard greens.

Chattanooga-Style Hot Dogs. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique to Chattanooga Tennessee, then you should try the city’s signature hot dog dish.

This dish consists of two hot dogs placed between two slices of white bread, with mustard, onions, and chili sauce added on top. This concoction was invented by David Everett in Chattanooga in 1922 and has been a favorite of locals ever since.

MoonPies. Another one of Chattanooga’s unique food offerings is the MoonPie. This huge marshmallow cookie sandwich was created by bakery workers at the Chattanooga Bakery in 1917 as a way to use up excess cake icing. Today these tasty treats are enjoyed around the world!

Barbecue. Barbecue is also popular in Chattanooga Tennessee. The city has several excellent barbecue restaurants that serve up slow smoked meats like pulled pork and beef brisket with traditional sides like baked beans, coleslaw, and hush puppies.


From comfort food classics to local favorites to barbecue specialties, there are plenty of delicious dishes to be found in Chattanooga Tennessee for all taste buds! Whether it’s fried chicken and hush puppies or MoonPies or Chattanoogan-style hot dogs, there is something for everyone to enjoy when visiting this charming southern city!