What Food Is Florida Famous For?

Florida is the home to some of the most unique and delicious cuisine in the United States. With its tropical climate, Florida offers a variety of foods that are both flavorful and healthy.

From fresh seafood to classic Cuban dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this sunny state. Here’s a look at some of the foods Florida is famous for.


Florida’s waters are teeming with delicious seafood, from grouper and snapper to shrimp and stone crab claws. Seafood lovers can find fresh fish at seafood markets throughout the state, or they can dine at one of the many seafood restaurants that serve up classic dishes like ceviche and fish tacos.

Citrus Fruits

Florida is known as the “Citrus State” thanks to its abundance of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and tangerines. Citrus fruits are used in everything from pies and jams to salads and cocktails. The sweet-tart flavor of citrus fruits makes them a favorite among Floridians.

Cuban Cuisine

Florida has a large Cuban community, which has introduced many traditional dishes to the state. From arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) to ropa vieja (shredded beef), Cuban cuisine is full of flavor and hearty ingredients. These dishes can be found in restaurants throughout Florida.

Key Lime Pie

No discussion about Florida food would be complete without mentioning Key lime pie. This beloved dessert originated in Key West but has become popular throughout the state. It features a tart filling made with Key lime juice, egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar served in a graham cracker crust.


Whether you’re looking for fresh seafood or classic Cuban dishes, there’s something for everyone in Florida. The Sunshine State is famous for its abundant citrus fruits as well as its key lime pies. No matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to find it in Florida!