What Food Is Oklahoma Famous For?

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique culinary experience, Oklahoma is the perfect place to find it. The Sooner State is famous for its array of comfort food with a few unusual dishes thrown in. From regional favorites like fried okra to delicious BBQ, here are some of the best dishes that Oklahoma is known for.

Fried Okra

No list of Oklahoma’s most famous dishes would be complete without fried okra. This classic southern side dish has been a staple in Oklahoma kitchens for generations.

Fried okra is made by coating fresh or thawed okra in a mixture of cornmeal, flour, and spices before deep-frying it until golden brown. It’s served as a side dish or appetizer and is often accompanied by ranch dressing or other dipping sauces.

Chicken Fried Steak

Another classic Oklahoma dish is chicken fried steak. This hearty meal consists of beef steak that has been pounded thin, coated in flour and spices, then fried until crispy and golden brown.

It’s usually served with mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese and topped with country gravy. It’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike!

Frito Pie

Frito pie is an iconic Oklahoma dish that consists of Fritos corn chips topped with chili, cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, and other toppings of your choice. It’s usually served as an appetizer but can also make the perfect main course if you’re looking for something quick and easy to prepare. Frito pie is sure to please everyone at the table!


Oklahoma is known for its delicious barbecue dishes. Whether you choose pulled pork sandwiches or ribs smothered in sauce – you won’t be disappointed! Barbecue restaurants can be found all over the state so no matter where you go you should be able to find some amazing BBQ dishes to enjoy!


Oklahoma has something to offer everyone when it comes to food! From fried okra to pulled pork sandwiches – there are plenty of classic dishes that the Sooner State is famous for. Whether you’re looking for comfort food or something more unique – there are plenty of tasty options available throughout Oklahoma!