What Food Is Pittsburgh Famous For?

Pittsburgh is well known for its delicious food culture. From the iconic Primanti’s sandwich to the delectable pierogies, there are plenty of dishes for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Pittsburgh is also known for its barbeque, with some of the best BBQ restaurants in the nation located here. In addition, Pittsburgh has a wide variety of ethnic foods, such as Italian and Greek, making it a great spot to try new and unique flavors.

One dish that Pittsburgh is famous for is the Primanti Brothers sandwich. This iconic sandwich consists of french fries, coleslaw, tomatoes and your choice of meat on Italian bread. It’s a classic Pittsburgh favorite that can be found in almost all sandwich shops in the city.

Another classic Pittsburgh dish is pierogies. Pierogies are dumplings filled with various fillings from potatoes and cheese to kraut and mushrooms.

They can be boiled or fried and served with butter or sour cream. Pierogies are a staple at most Polish restaurants in the city.

Barbecue is also an integral part of Pittsburgh’s food culture. There are numerous BBQ restaurants throughout the city with different styles such as Texas-style, Kansas City-style, and Carolina-style. Each restaurant puts its own twist on traditional BBQ dishes like ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, etc.

Pittsburgh also has many different ethnic cuisines to choose from:

Italian cuisine can be found at many Italian restaurants around town such as Pino’s in Bloomfield or Giapponese in Lawrenceville.

Greek cuisine can be found at The Greek Gourmet in Squirrel Hill or Aristotle’s Cafe & Bar Downtown.


In conclusion, Pittsburgh is a great place to experience delicious food from all over the world. From Primanti Brothers sandwiches to pierogies to barbeque and more; there are plenty of options for locals and visitors alike to enjoy! What makes Pittsburgh so special is its diverse range of food offerings that cater to all types of tastes.

What Food Is Pittsburgh Famous For?

Pittsburgh is most famous for its iconic Primanti Brothers sandwich as well as pierogies and barbeque dishes. Additionally, there are many different ethnic cuisines available throughout the city such as Italian and Greek restaurants offering unique flavors that add to the city’s culinary diversity.