What Food Is Sicily Famous For?

Sicily is one of the most beautiful and renowned regions in Italy – and with that, its culinary delights are also world-renowned. Sicily is known for its variety of food, from seafood to desserts, and its traditional Italian fare. Here are some of the things that Sicily is famous for when it comes to its food:


Sicily has a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, so it should come as no surprise that seafood plays an important role in Sicilian cuisine. Popular dishes include Pasta con le Sarde (Pasta with Sardines), Pesce Spada alla Siciliana (Swordfish Sicilian-style), and Sarde a Beccafico (Stuffed Sardines).

Pastries and Desserts

The sweet tooth won’t be disappointed in Sicily either! Cannoli, cassata, granita, gelato – these are just some of the delicious treats that you’ll find here.

Cannoli is probably the most famous Sicilian dessert – a deep-fried pastry tube filled with sweet ricotta cream. Other popular pastries include arancini (rice balls) and crocchè (potato croquettes).

Traditional Dishes

Sicily’s traditional dishes are also well worth trying. Arancini di Riso (Rice Balls), Caponata (Eggplant Stew), and Pasta con le Sarde (Pasta with Sardines) all make use of locally grown ingredients such as eggplant, olives, capers, tomatoes and anchovies. For something more substantial there’s also Panelle e Crocchè – chickpea fritters served with potato croquettes.


No trip to Sicily would be complete without sampling some of the region’s delicious wines! The red wines from Etna are especially popular – look out for Nerello Mascalese or Nero d’Avola varieties. Of course there’s also Marsala wine – a fortified dessert wine made from grapes grown on the island.


Sicily is renowned for its seafood dishes, pastries & desserts, traditional dishes such as Arancini di Riso & Caponata as well as wines like Marsala & Nero d’Avola.