What Food Is Virginia Beach Famous For?

Virginia Beach is famous for its variety of delicious food. From traditional Southern cooking to innovative seafood dishes, there is something for everyone.

The city is home to numerous restaurants, cafes and bars that offer dishes from all around the world. There are also a number of local eateries that specialize in regional cuisine.

If you’re looking for a classic Southern meal, then look no further than the city’s famous fried chicken. Virginia Beach has some of the best fried chicken around, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and careful preparation techniques.

The chicken is usually served with sides like macaroni and cheese, collard greens, hush puppies and biscuits.

Seafood lovers will be delighted by Virginia Beach’s abundance of fresh fish and shellfish dishes. Popular options include crab cakes, oysters, scallops and shrimp. Many restaurants serve up freshly caught fish that’s been prepared with local herbs and spices for a truly authentic experience.

When it comes to desserts, Virginia Beach is known for its homemade pies. Whether you’re in the mood for an apple pie or a pecan pie, you can find it here in the city. The pies are made with local fruit or nuts and topped off with creamy ice cream or whipped cream.


Virginia Beach is a great destination for food lovers who are looking for something special. From classic Southern dishes to fresh seafood meals, there’s something to satisfy every palate in this coastal city. Be sure to try out some of the local delicacies like fried chicken, crab cakes or homemade pies!