What Food Is Yorkshire Famous For?

Yorkshire is an area in the north of England known for its rolling hills and stunning scenery. It is also a place renowned for its delicious food and drinks, with a variety of traditional dishes that have been enjoyed by generations of locals and visitors alike. From the hearty dishes of Yorkshire pudding and roast beef to the sweet treats of Yorkshire parkin and Eccles cakes, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Yorkshire pudding is perhaps one of the most famous dishes associated with the area.

It is a light yet filling mix of eggs, flour, milk and fat that is traditionally served as a side dish with roast beef. It can be served hot or cold and often comes topped with gravy or onion sauce. The dish has been embraced all over the world as a popular accompaniment to any roast dinner.

Yorkshire Parkin is another traditional sweet treat which has been enjoyed in Yorkshire for centuries. This sticky oat cake is made using black treacle, oatmeal, butter or margarine, golden syrup and bicarbonate soda. The mixture is then baked until golden brown before being served either hot or cold with butter or cream.

Eccles Cakes are small round pastries filled with currants or raisins which are encased in flaky pastry. They are traditionally served warm with butter but can also be enjoyed as part of afternoon tea along with other delicious snacks such as scones, jam tarts and fairy cakes.


Yorkshire has long been associated with some of Britain’s most beloved traditional dishes such as Yorkshire pudding, parkin and Eccles cakes. These dishes have been enjoyed by locals for generations and remain popular today amongst both visitors to the region and those who live there alike.