What Is a Famous Food From London?

London is known for its diverse culture, architecture and history, but it is also renowned for its delicious and unique cuisine. With a variety of restaurants, pubs, and food stalls from all over the world, there is something for everyone in London.

One of the most famous dishes to come out of this vibrant city is Fish & Chips.

Fish & Chips has been a staple in London since the 19th century and has become an iconic symbol of British culture. The traditional dish consists of fried fish – usually cod or haddock – with deep-fried chips (french fries).

It is usually served with a side of malt vinegar and salt. Some variations include mushy peas or curry sauce.

Fish & Chips has become so popular that it can be found all over the UK, as well as in other parts of Europe. It’s such a beloved dish that it can even be found in some fast food restaurants across the country! It’s also a common street food option at festivals or fairs in London.

The popularity of Fish & Chips stretches beyond the UK, with plenty of restaurants around the world offering their own version of this classic dish. In many places, it’s considered an essential part of British cuisine.


Fish & Chips is undoubtedly one of the most famous foods from London, having been around since the 19th century. This iconic dish consists of fried fish and chips served with malt vinegar and salt, and can be found all over the UK as well as other parts of Europe and beyond!