What Is a Famous Food in Romania?

Romania is a country in Eastern Europe that has a long and diverse history that can be seen in its unique cuisine. Romanian cuisine has been influenced by its neighbors, with Turkish, Greek, and Hungarian influences seen in many dishes.

The cuisine also includes influences from the region’s Slavic culture. Romanian food is hearty, rustic, and full of flavor.

Traditional Romanian dishes are often based around vegetables and grains such as potatoes, beans, cornmeal, and wheat flour. Pork and beef are popular meats and can be found in dishes like stews, ciorbă (soups), mititei (grilled sausages), or sarmale (stuffed cabbage leaves). Fish is also popular in Romania due to its close proximity to the Black Sea.

The national dish of Romania is sarmale. This dish consists of cabbage or vine leaves that are stuffed with ground pork or beef, rice, onions, garlic, tomato paste, and spices such as dill or paprika. The leaves are then rolled up into small cylinders before being cooked either by steaming or baking.

Another iconic dish in Romania is mămăligă – a type of polenta made from cornmeal. Mămăligă is served as an accompaniment to many traditional dishes such as sarmale or ciorbă. It can also be served with different types of cheese or sour cream.


Romanian desserts typically consist of sweet pastries made with puff pastry dough filled with chocolate, jam, fruits or nuts. One of the most popular desserts is papanasi – fried balls of dough filled with cheese served with sour cream and jam.


Romanian cuisine offers a wide variety of flavors and influences from its neighboring countries.A famous food in Romania is sarmale – the national dish made up of stuffed cabbage rolls filled with pork or beef and rice. Mămăligă – a type of polenta made from cornmeal –is another iconic dish that often accompanies traditional Romanian meals such as ciorbă soups or sarmale rolls. Desserts typically consist of sweet pastries filled with chocolate, jam or nuts.