What Is a Michelin Star and How Do You Get One?

Michelin stars are the highest accolade a restaurant can receive, often leading to increased notoriety and success. The Michelin Guide, created by French tire company Michelin in 1900, is an annual guidebook that reviews and rates restaurants all around the world.

Restaurants are given 1-3 stars based on a variety of factors including quality of ingredients, creativity of dishes, value for money and consistency. A 1 star rating is considered “a very good restaurant in its category” while a 3 star rating is “exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.”

To be considered for a star rating, restaurants must meet certain criteria. This includes having an experienced chef who has been trained in classical French cooking techniques and using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

The menu must also feature unique dishes that reflect the chef’s style and creativity. It must also be updated regularly in order to reflect seasonal changes or new trends in cuisine.

The process of receiving a Michelin star is highly competitive and rigorous. Restaurants are visited anonymously by anonymous inspectors multiple times before being considered for a rating.

Inspectors go through each dish with meticulous detail, making sure that it meets their strict criteria for taste, texture and presentation. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will submit their findings to Michelin who will then make the final decision as to whether or not to award stars to the restaurant.


What Is a Michelin Star and How Do You Get One? A Michelin star is one of the highest accolades that can be given to a restaurant, signifying exceptional cuisine worth travelling for.

To receive such distinction requires adherence to rigorous standards set by Michelin regarding quality of ingredients, creativity of dishes and consistency amongst other things. Restaurants must also be visited multiple times by anonymous inspectors before being considered for a star rating from Michelin.