What Is Famous Food in Iceland?

Iceland is renowned for its unique and delicious cuisine. From traditional dishes such as skyr and hákarl to modern takes on classic Icelandic dishes, the country has a number of flavorful dishes that are sure to please any palate. Here are some of the most famous foods in Iceland that you should try when visiting the country.


Skyr is a traditional Icelandic yogurt-like dairy product that is made from skimmed milk. It has a thick, creamy texture and is usually eaten as a snack or dessert with added sugar or honey, fresh fruit, or other toppings. Skyr is also used in baking and cooking in Iceland, such as in pancakes and cakes.


Hákarl is an Icelandic delicacy made from fermented shark meat. The shark meat is cured in a shallow grave for several months before it’s cut into small cubes and served with rye bread and butter. This dish is considered an acquired taste due to the strong ammonia smell that the shark meat emits.

Lobster Soup

One of Iceland’s most popular soups, lobster soup is made with cream, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, white wine and lobster stock. The soup gets its flavor from the lobster stock and it’s typically served with chunks of lobster meat as well as croutons or rye bread.

Lamb Stew

This traditional Icelandic dish consists of diced lamb cooked in a rich sauce of onions, carrots and potatoes. The stew usually contains beer or red wine for added flavor and can be served with boiled potatoes or boiled rice.

Lamb stew is often consumed during special occasions like Christmas.

Rye Bread

Rye bread (rúgbraud) has been a staple food in Iceland since Viking times. It’s usually made with whole grain rye flour mixed with sourdough starter culture which gives it its distinctive flavor. Rye bread can be served as an accompaniment to meals like soups or stews or enjoyed on its own.

“What Is Famous Food in Iceland?”

Iceland’s unique cuisine offers something for everyone – from traditional dishes such as skyr and hákarl to more modern takes on classics like lobster soup and lamb stew. Whether you’re looking for something sweet like skyr or savory like hákarl – there’s something delicious waiting to be discovered in this Nordic nation! And don’t forget about the ever-present rye bread – without it no Icelandic meal would be complete!