What Is Famous Food of Bihar?

Bihar is a state in the eastern part of India, situated on the banks of the Ganges river. It is known for its rich culture, religious monuments and temples, and its unique cuisine. Bihar’s food is heavily influenced by its geography, climate, history and culture.

The staple food of Bihar is rice, which is cooked in various ways including steamed or boiled. Rice is usually served with lentils, vegetables or meats. The most popular dish in Bihar is the Chokha which consists of mashed potatoes and brinjal (aubergine) cooked with tomato and spices. This dish is usually served with poori (deep-fried flatbreads) or roti (unleavened flatbreads).

Bihari cuisine also includes a number of snacks such as samosas, kachori (pastry filled with spiced lentils) and litti chokha (a mixture of wheat flour dough stuffed with sattu – roasted Bengal gram flour – and spices).

Sweets are also a major part of Bihari cuisine. The most popular sweet dishes include khaja (deep-fried pastry), balushahi (a type of doughnut), khurma (a rich sweet made from vermicelli noodles, cream and nuts) and tilkut (a sweet prepared from sesame seeds).


The most popular beverage in Bihar is lassi which is made from yogurt blended with water or milk. Other drinks include tea made from green leaves or black tea leaves. Sharbat, a type of syrup made from flowers or fruits, is also popularly consumed in the region.

Overall, Bihari cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes that are rich in flavor without being overly spicy or heavy on the stomach. The food here has been carefully crafted to reflect the region’s diverse culture over time.


What Is Famous Food Of Bihar? From savory dishes like Chokha to sweet treats such as balushahi and tilkut to refreshing drinks like lassi – Bihar has something to offer for everyone! All these delicacies are reflective of the state’s unique cultural history and make it one of the best places to explore Indian cuisine.