What Is Famous Street Food in Pune?

When it comes to street food in Pune, the city has a lot to offer. From spicy Vada Pav and crunchy Chakli to sweet Jalebis and delicious Misal Pav, the streets of this city are full of interesting treats for any palate.

The most popular street food in Pune is Vada Pav. This classic snack consists of a spicy potato patty served between two slices of pav (a soft white bun) usually accompanied by fried green chillies and chutney. Often referred to as the ‘Indian burger’, this dish is a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

Chakli is another famous street food snack in Pune that can be found on almost every corner. This crunchy snack is made with rice flour and spices, deep-fried into thin spirals that taste best when served hot with some chutney or pickle.

Jalebis, one of India’s most beloved sweets, are also widely available throughout the city. These syrupy orange rings are made from flour batter that is deep-fried and dipped in saffron-infused sugar syrup. It’s an indulgent treat perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Misal Pav is another popular street food item in Pune that you should not miss out on. This dish consists of a spicy misal (a curry-like mixture) served with pav buns, onion slices, lemon wedges and coriander leaves – all of which combine to make a flavourful combination that will leave you wanting more!

Pune’s streets are full of delicious treats waiting to be discovered by hungry locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for something spicy or sweet, there’s no shortage of delicious street food options to choose from in this vibrant city.

Pune has an abundance of delicious street food options ranging from Vada Pav and Chakli to Jalebis and Misal Pav. These snacks offer something for everyone, whether you have a taste for the spicy or sweet! With so many tasty treats available, it’s no wonder why these snacks are so popular among locals and visitors alike.