What Is Florida’s Famous Food?

Florida is known for its beaches, warm weather, and unique culture. But one thing that people don’t often associate with Florida is its famous food. The state has a rich culinary scene that can be traced back to its Spanish and Caribbean influences.

One of the most iconic dishes in Florida is the Cuban sandwich. This sandwich consists of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread.

It’s a popular lunch item in Cuban restaurants throughout the state and has become a staple of Miami culture.

The seafood offerings in Florida are also renowned. From stone crab claws to grouper sandwiches to conch fritters, there are countless options for seafood lovers.

Key lime pie is another classic Florida dish that is often served as dessert. This tart yet sweet pie is made with key lime juice and topped with whipped cream.

Other famous dishes include:

  • Gator tail – Deep-fried alligator tail that’s usually served as an appetizer.
  • Key West pink shrimp – A type of small shrimp found in the waters around Key West.
  • Chocolate-covered oranges – Oranges covered in Belgian chocolate.

Whether you’re looking for something exotic or something more traditional, Florida has something for everyone when it comes to food. From Cuban sandwiches to stone crab claws to key lime pie, there’s no shortage of delicious options for those looking to explore Florida’s diverse culinary scene.


What Is Florida’s Famous Food? Florida is home to a wide variety of iconic dishes, from Cuban sandwiches and key lime pies to deep-fried gator tails and chocolate-covered oranges. With its combination of Spanish, Caribbean, and American flavors, there’s something for everyone when it comes to eating in the Sunshine State!