What Is Kentucky’s Famous Food?

Kentucky is well-known for its amazing cuisine that is both tasty and filled with Southern charm. From fried chicken to hot browns, Kentucky’s culinary selection is vast and varied.

One of the most popular dishes in Kentucky is burgoo, a thick stew made from various meats and vegetables, including chicken, pork, beef, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, lima beans and okra. The dish can also include squirrel or other game meats as well. It’s usually cooked in an iron pot over an open fire for hours until it becomes a thick, flavorful soup.

Other popular dishes in Kentucky include fried chicken, country-fried steak and gravy, green beans cooked with ham hocks and bacon gravy with biscuits. Biscuits are also served on their own as a side dish in restaurants throughout the state. Hot browns are another favorite food of Kentuckians; they consist of bread covered with Mornay sauce (cheese sauce), turkey or ham slices, bacon strips and tomato slices.

Kentucky is also known for its variety of desserts. Some favorites include Bourbon Balls (made from bourbon whiskey), Derby Pie (made with chocolate chips and walnuts) and Chocolate Chess Pie (made from eggs and butter). Another classic dessert is Blackberry Cobbler; this sweet treat consists of blackberries covered in cinnamon-spiced biscuit dough that has been baked until crispy.


What Is Kentucky’s Famous Food?

Kentucky has many famous foods that make up part of its culinary culture such as Burgoo stew, fried chicken, hot browns, country-fried steak & gravy, biscuits & gravy as well as desserts like Bourbon Balls, Derby Pie & Blackberry Cobbler.