What Is Osaka Famous Food?

Osaka is known around the world for its delicious, unique and flavorful cuisine. From street food to upscale restaurants, Osaka has something for everyone. The city is particularly famous for its okonomiyaki and takoyaki, two dishes that are beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Okonomiyaki can be described as a savory pancake made from a variety of ingredients including cabbage, pork belly, shrimp, and egg. It is cooked on a hot griddle and served with a variety of sauces, such as mayonnaise or okonomiyaki sauce.

Takoyaki are balls of batter filled with pieces of octopus that are cooked in a special takoyaki pan until they’re golden brown. They’re served with sweet soy sauce and bonito flakes that add an extra layer of flavor.

Osaka is also known for its sushi. While there are many places in Osaka to enjoy sushi, the city’s most famous restaurant is Sushi Daiwa in the Umeda district. This small shop has been serving up some of the freshest sushi in Osaka since 1947 and is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Other popular dishes from Osaka include kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat or vegetables), yakisoba (fried noodles with pork or seafood), udon (thick wheat noodles) and gyoza (pan-fried dumplings). For dessert, try one of Osaka’s famous mozu cream puffs or choco banana ice cream sandwiches!

Osaka offers a wide range of delicious food that can be enjoyed by all types of diners—from budget travelers to gourmet connoisseurs. Whether you’re looking for classic Japanese dishes or something more unusual, you’ll find it in Osaka. So why not take the time to explore this vibrant city and savor some of its world-famous cuisine?


Osaka is renowned around the world for its unique flavors and delicious cuisines like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, sushi, kushikatsu, yakisoba, udon and gyoza desserts like mozu cream puffs or choco banana ice cream sandwiches! With so much variety available to explore, it’s no wonder why Osaka is one of the most popular destinations in Japan for food lovers everywhere!