What Is the Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant?

When it comes to fine dining, Michelin star restaurants are some of the most prestigious. Despite their reputation for quality and exceptional service, there is a wide range of prices for those interested in experiencing a Michelin-starred restaurant. While the majority of such restaurants are likely to be expensive, there are some that offer a cheaper option for those on a tighter budget.

The Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurants in the World

One of the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants in the world is located in Singapore: Liao Fan Hawker Chan. This humble stall has been awarded one star by Michelin and offers customers an amazing experience at an incredibly affordable price point – just $2 per dish!

The restaurant is run by Chef Chan Hon Meng and specializes in traditional Chinese dishes. The most popular item on the menu is the soya sauce chicken rice, which was awarded its own separate star by Michelin.

In Tokyo, Japan, another cheap Michelin-starred restaurant can be found: Tsujita Annex. This noodle shop serves up delicious bowls of ramen at just $7 per dish!

The noodles are cooked to perfection and many customers come back again and again for their famous tsukemen (dipping noodles). Tsujita Annex has been awarded one star by Michelin and offers customers an unforgettable culinary experience without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet luxurious meal in London, England then you should check out Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa’s The Dining Room. This two-Michelin starred restaurant serves up modern British cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal produce. Dishes include locally sourced steak and seafood dishes as well as lighter options such as salads and soups – all of which come at surprisingly affordable prices starting from just £20 (about $25).

These are just a few examples of cheap Michelin-starred restaurants around the world – there are many more out there waiting to be discovered! Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an indulgent dinner, these restaurants offer something special without breaking the bank.


Michelin starred restaurants can be notoriously expensive but it’s possible to find quality meals at reasonable prices if you know where to look. From Singapore’s Liao Fan Hawker Chan to London’s Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa’s The Dining Room, there are plenty of great options offering excellent food without blowing your budget.