What Is the Difference Between Michelin Guide and Michelin Star?

Michelin Guide and Michelin Star are two terms associated with fine dining, but they are not synonymous. The Michelin Guide is an annual guide book for the best restaurants in the world, published by the French tire company Michelin & Cie.

The guide is considered by many to be the gold standard of food guides because it focuses on quality rather than quantity. The Michelin Star is an award given to restaurants in the guide that have achieved a certain level of excellence.

The Criteria for a Michelin Star

A restaurant can receive one, two, or three stars from the Michelin Guide. A one-star rating indicates that the restaurant is worth a visit; two stars means it is worth a detour; and three stars means that it is worth a special journey. To receive a star rating, restaurants must meet certain criteria such as quality of cuisine, mastery of technique, and consistency in service.

The Benefits of Being Awarded a Michelin Star

Being awarded a star by the prestigious guide can bring many benefits to a restaurant. It can boost their profile and draw more customers to their establishment, allowing them to increase revenue and make more profit. Recognition from the guide also gives chefs greater public recognition and prestige.

Difference between Michelin Guide and Michelin Star

The main difference between the two terms is that one refers to an annual guide book while the other describes an award given to restaurants that meet certain criteria. The Michelin Guide provides information about restaurants around the world and their ratings on cuisine quality, technique mastery, and service consistency. The awards given out by this guide are called Michelin Stars, which indicate whether or not the restaurant is worth visiting.


Michelin Guide and Michelin Star are two terms related to fine dining that refer to different things: one describing an annual guide book while the other describes an award given out by this guide. The award can bring great benefits such as increased revenue as well as greater public recognition for chefs who have earned stars from this prestigious guide.