What Is the Famous Food of Visakhapatnam?

Visakhapatnam, India, is a popular beach destination on the east coast of India. It is known for its beautiful beaches and its delicious cuisine. The city has a variety of restaurants serving up traditional Indian dishes as well as international fare.

However, the most famous food in Visakhapatnam is the seafood. Visakhapatnam is situated near the Bay of Bengal, and so it has access to an abundance of fresh seafood. This includes fish, prawns, crabs and other shellfish.

The seafood dishes in Visakhapatnam are unique from other parts of India in that they are cooked with a variety of spices and herbs that give them a distinct flavor. The most common spices used in Visakhapatnam cuisine are red chillies, coriander powder, cumin powder and turmeric powder. These spices give the dishes a spicy but flavorful taste that will tantalize your taste buds.

One of the most popular dishes in Visakhapatnam is ‘Pulusu’, which is a spicy tamarind-based gravy dish made with fish or prawns and vegetables. This dish can be served with steamed rice or eaten as is. Another popular dish is ‘Pappu Charu’, which is a lentil soup made with tamarind and vegetables and served with steamed rice or chapatis.

The city also has some unique desserts to offer visitors. The most popular dessert is ‘Kaja’, which is made from sweetened milk and maida flour dough fried into crispy balls that are then soaked in sugar syrup before being served with nuts like cashews or almonds sprinkled on top for extra flavor.

Visakhapatnam also has some unique street food to offer visitors looking for an authentic experience when visiting this coastal city. Some of these include ‘Guntur Chilli Bajji’ which are deep-fried chillies stuffed with potatoes and onions; ‘Mirchi Bajji’ which are deep-fried chillies stuffed with spiced potatoes; ‘Idli vada’ which are steamed cakes made from fermented rice batter and lentils; ‘Dosa’ which are thin pancakes made from fermented rice batter; and ‘Ulli Vada’ which are deep-fried onion fritters served with chutney sauce.

Visakhapatnam offers an array of delicious food for all kinds of travelers looking for a taste of local cuisine. Whether you’re looking for seafood, vegetarian dishes, street food or something sweet – there’s something here to satisfy every palette!


What Is the Famous Food of Visakhapatnam? The answer to this question lies in its abundance of fresh seafood dishes cooked with traditional Indian spices and herbs giving them their distinctive flavor as well as street food that includes deep-fried chillies stuffed with potatoes or onion fritters served with chutney sauce all making up part of this coastal cities famous cuisine.