What’s Higher Than a Michelin Star?

The Michelin Star is the highest accolade any restaurant can receive in the culinary world. It’s a status symbol that’s widely known, and it brings with it a certain level of prestige.

But what is higher than a Michelin Star? There are several levels of recognition within the culinary industry that surpasses even a Michelin Star.

Michelin Super Star – This is the highest level of recognition for a restaurant. To achieve this accolade, restaurants must have achieved at least three Michelin Stars and consistently maintain their high standards. The number of restaurants with this level of recognition is very small, and only a handful can be found around the world.

AAA Five Diamond Rating – This award is given to restaurants that have achieved an exceptionally high standard of excellence and customer service. The criteria for this award are very stringent, and only 10-15% of all restaurants receive it annually. This award is highly coveted and can be found in some of the world’s most luxurious establishments.

Michelin Green Guide – This award is given to establishments that have achieved an outstanding level of environmental sustainability. Restaurants must demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendly practices in order to qualify for this award.

Michelin Plate– This award recognizes restaurants that serve excellent food without necessarily meeting all the requirements for a Michelin Star. Restaurants must serve dishes made with fresh ingredients, expertly prepared with skillful cooking techniques.


These levels of recognition may not be as well-known as a Michelin Star, but they represent an even higher standard of excellence within the culinary world. Achieving any one of these awards is an incredible accomplishment, and it demonstrates that a restaurant has reached an elite level within its industry.