Where Can I Donate Canned Food in Cambridge MA?

In Cambridge, MA, there are many opportunities to donate canned food to those in need. Whether you have extra cans from your own pantry or want to purchase cans specifically for donation, there are locations in the area that will gladly accept and distribute your donations.

One of the most popular places to donate canned food is the Greater Boston Food Bank. This organization collects and distributes food to those in need throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

They accept donations of canned goods at their main facility located at 70 South Bay Avenue in Boston, as well as at their satellite locations throughout the state.

The Cambridge Community Center is another great option when it comes to donating canned food. This organization provides a variety of services and supports for individuals living in the Cambridge area, including food assistance and other resources. They accept donations of canned goods at their facility located on Newcastle Street in Cambridge.

The Salvation Army also accepts donated cans for distribution in Cambridge and throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Donations can be dropped off at their facility on Mass Ave in Cambridge or at any of their other locations throughout the state. You can also order online through their website.

Cambridge Food Pantry

The Cambridge Food Pantry is a fantastic resource for those looking to donate canned goods to those in need. This organization provides various services and resources for individuals living in the area, including access to fresh produce and other nutritious items. They accept donations of canned foods at their facility located on Green Street in Central Square.

Local Grocery Stores

Many local grocery stores also offer donation opportunities for those wanting to give back. Many stores have donation bins where shoppers can drop off cans of food that will then be distributed by local charities or organizations such as The Salvation Army or The Greater Boston Food Bank.


In conclusion, there are plenty of places around Cambridge MA where one can donate canned food easily and conveniently – from large organizations such as The Greater Boston Food Bank and The Salvation Army, to smaller local organizations such as The Cambridge Food Pantry or local grocery stores with donation boxes. No matter where one chooses to donate, they can rest assured that they are helping those less fortunate by providing them with much needed nutrition during difficult times.