Where Is Halo Canned Cat Food Made?

Halo canned cat food is a trusted and nutritious brand of pet food, with a range of recipes specifically designed to meet the needs of cats. But where is Halo canned cat food made?

Halo’s canned cat food is produced in their own facilities located in Ohio, USA. They also hold the distinction of being the first pet food company to be certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) as an organic processor. This ensures that all ingredients and processes used in the production of their products meet strict organic standards.

The company prides itself on using only natural, high-quality ingredients, including: human-grade proteins like beef, chicken, turkey and tuna; vegetables and fruits like sweet potatoes, carrots and cranberries; vitamins, minerals; and chelated minerals for better absorption.

Halo also uses innovative processes to ensure their meals are safe for your cat. For instance, they employ an advanced canning process that helps maintain the integrity of the ingredients while keeping out bacteria. Additionally, each batch is tested for nutrition accuracy according to AAFCO standards.

Conclusion: Halo canned cat food is made in their own facilities in Ohio, USA. The company employs a stringent set of standards in order to ensure that their products are safe and nutritious for cats. From natural ingredients to advanced canning processes and nutrition accuracy testing – Halo strives to make sure your cat gets only the best possible nutrition.