Where Should Kitchen Utensils Be Stored?

When it comes to kitchen organization, storage of utensils is an important part of the puzzle. The right storage solutions can make all the difference in a kitchen’s efficiency and accessibility.

With so many different items to store, it can be difficult to decide where to keep everything. But with a few easy tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect home for all your kitchen utensils.

Utility Drawers

Utility drawers are a great place to store any frequently used items such as spatulas, tongs, ladles and whisks. These drawers help keep items easily within reach and organized for quick access when needed. It’s important to arrange items in the drawer so they are easy to find and grab when needed.

Hanging Strips or Hooks

Hanging strips or hooks are perfect for keeping longer tools organized and off countertops. This includes items like stirring spoons, rolling pins and skimmers that would otherwise take up valuable counter space. Hanging strips are also great for hanging pots, pans and lids if you have the wall space.

Countertop Containers

Countertop containers are great for storing smaller utensils such as measuring spoons, peelers and graters. These containers can be placed on countertops or in drawers for quick access when needed.

It’s important to choose containers that fit both your needs as well as your style.


Kitchen utensils should be stored in utility drawers, hanging strips or hooks, and countertop containers. By storing them in these designated areas, you’ll ensure that they stay organized and accessible when needed.